Folk Dances of Arunachal Pradesh

Folk Dances of Arunachal Pradesh

The dances performed by the tribes of Arunachal Pradesh, have been broadly divided into four types, viz:

  1. Ritual Dances, Festive Dances, which forms the recreational part of a particular festival.
  2. Recreational Dances, which do not form part of any particular festival or ritual, but are performed on occasions which inspire its participants to express their mirth through these dances.
  3. Pantomimes and Dance-dramas, which narrate a mythical story or illustrate a moral. Thus, the most prominent folk dances of Arunachal Pradesh are as follows:

1. Wancho Dance: Wancho Dance belongs to a perticular tribe of Arunachal Pradesh. According to the name of that tribe, “Wancho” the dance is named. This dance is preformed only in special occassions like festivals and ceremonies.

2. Khampti Dance: The Khampti Dance is basically a folk dance performed by the Khampti Comminirties. Khampti dances are based on some mythical stories. These are drama based stories, which have some hidden lessons for its viewers.

3. The Buiya Dance: The Buiya dance of Digaru Mishmis is performed on any festive occasion which have the purposed for the prosperity and good health of the performer and his household.

4. Ponung Dance: Ponung dance is the famous folk dance of Adi tribal people. This is the women dance. The purpose of this festival is seeking a good harvest and welfare of the village community. This dance is performed on all-important & auspicious occasions.

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