International Volunteer !

International Volunteer

A set of schemes aiming to increase awareness and goodwill, the projects will involve extensive traveling around the nation and direct interaction with the arts and crafts communities. A host of activities and developmental work, too, will make participation a precious experience.


Project brief: In this voluntary work placement you will help the administration team to improve efficiency within the organization and expand its operations.

Your role : 

You could participate in a range of tasks from formulating curriculums, and implementing them, to evaluating projects and weighing out budgets and many attend to other administrative and legislative matters. Some projects require following up with, both, the artists and their clientele.

What you gain: This experience will give you a great sense of achievement and provide you with valuable all-round experience in handling day to day administrative needs of a voluntary organisation. You will be working with a friendly, dedicated and experienced team, learning not only about administration but also about india’s rich arts and crafts heritage, as well as making new friends and supporting this incredible organisation.



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