Delhi Volunteer !

IN NCT Delhi Region

To serve as a link between the office and the rest of the community, be it artists, patrons of partner organizations and participate in the developmental work, directly.

Your role : 

To communicate information on forthcoming projects, coordinate individuals and groups of artist with interested parties and document the activities and your experiences. You could be part of a design development team organizing workshops with renowned artist and other eager participants, or, a marketing team presenting proposals and holding seminars to raise funds and awareness.



An endeavor to expand Sarthi’s reach by increasing awareness and goodwill through extensive traveling, visiting remote heritagevillages and other places of cultural importance.

Your role : 

To communicate Sarthi’s core philosophies to crafts communities nation wide through events and activities that create an atmosphere for dialogue, for exchange. The curriculums and agendas will be discussed in an orientation week held in the capital, Delhi.



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